Asador is a label of credit and responsability.

As we take credit for the supreme quality of our noble cut, we never shun from responsability either. Especially when it comes to hard times like these. The coronavirus has left us without the joy of special moments spent together. Early this spring we launched our home delivery service for the tapas bars, however our flagship restaurant, El Asador de Pata Negra had been obliged to stay closed. The memories of our festive wine nights in full spendour gave way to the sight of our empty charcoal oven.

Now it is time to turn the tide. Zoltán Kerékgyártó, the executive chef of El Asador has found the way to serve our noble cuts and premium seafood right onto your kitchen table. Please, follow his guidance and we guarantee you those memorable Asador moments safeguarded by the finest ingredients that only Spain can offer. If you happen to be in doubt for some reason, as always, please turn to Zoltán and our highly qualified staff. We will be delighted to guide you and we highly appreciate your support during these difficult times.

One last favour, though: Guard the secrets of this authentic Spanish ritual that we both adore. It is a question of credit and responsabilty.

Vilmos Losits & Szilveszter Mókusz
owners | El Asador de Pata Negra

Phone: +36 1 406 2728