Our water philosophy

Water that makes you responsible

At first you might be surprised but you cannot find mineral water in our beverage offering. Instead of mineral water, we offer filtered, magnesium-enriched water in both carbonated and non-carbonated versions. We charge the same price for the water filtered through BWT’s high-tech solution as if it was high-quality mineral water, however, by doing so, everyone benefits.

You get a more delicious, magnesium-enriched water, the Child Nutrition Foundation gets financial contribution to its operation and we also protect the Earth.

How do we clean water?

Our partner in filtering water, is BWT Hungária Kft., who has been present in the Hungarian water treatment market for more than 20 years. The water filter neutralizes unpleasant tastes, odors and removes chlorine and eventually occurring heavy metals (i.e., lead, copper) from the tap water and thus particularly delicious, filtered water can be poured into our glasses. Thanks to BWT’s innovative and unique technology, valuable magnesium mixes with the filtered water, which is then ideal for making coffee and tea since it completes flavours. With its balanced mineral content, it provides a real pleasure for those who thirst for healthy and fresh water.

Why is this beneficial for the Child Nutrition Foundation?

We support the Child Nutrition Foundation with HUF 30 after each bottle of water sold and transfer the total amount of donation collected to the foundation at the end of the year, in December. According to the latest research of the Child Nutrition Foundation, currently 50 000 children are starving in Hungary and a further 200 000 need regular support. We want these shocking numbers to decrease in the near future. We believe that together with our guests we can work for this noble purpose.

Why is this good for the Earth?

There are no plastic bottles in our place and this has numerous advantages. For instance, we don’t use energy for producing, transporting and storing bottles. Since there is no transportation, we don’t emit pollutants and thus the air stays cleaner. If there is no bottle then we will produce less waste, which means that our ecological footprint will be smaller as well. Environmental protection starts small, at the level of individuals and with each plastic bottle “saved”, we can contribute to a healthier and more environmentally conscious society.